Test & Go reinvents personality tests with AVATAR

AVATAR, a professional personality test available to the general public!

AVATAR's Entrepreneur Profile

AVATAR is the newest typological personality assessment created by Central Test, the parent of Test & Go. A typological assessment categorises people into different profiles by condensing a set of traits common to major personality groups. AVATAR consists of 8 different profiles that will allow you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses, your working and communication styles, your ideal learning environment and more.

AVATAR is based on the most famous personality testing profiles (MBTI, DISC, BIG FIVE, JUNG) and therefore provides a reliable basis for your personality development process. Knowing what skills and capabilities you need to work on, and which ones to use for your advantage, is already halfway to developing those skills and capabilities.

The dimensions of AVATAR

Measuring and classifying personality is no easy task, and AVATAR is based on three different dimensions for the most accurate measure of personality types. The dimensions are as follows :

- Exploration VS Security
- Control VS Adaptation
- Goal-focus VS People-focus

In the personality test, your traits are measured against each dimension based on how you would naturally react in different situations. So remember to always answer sincerely, as it will provide you with the most accurate profile!

There are no right or wrong answers, or good or bad profiles. The assessment will measure how spontaneous you are, your level of caution and desire for being experimental, your persuasiveness, if you prefer to be more directive or participative, how vigilant you are or how much innate trust you place in others, and many other personality traits.

The 8 AVATAR profiles

Through which Avatar profile do you most recognize yourself?

An AVATAR profile, out of the eight that exist, will be assigned to you after you submit the test:

- Benefactors are sociable and altruistic, they seek new experiences and behave proactively in relation to the human aspect of situations around them.

- Entrepreneurs are independent and objective, they seek control of events around them, taking innovative approaches in pursuit of their goals.

- Coordinators are dependable and driven, Coordinators take an ordered and proactive approach, directed towards the achievement of their goals.

- Instructors are dependable and meticulous, Instructors are proactive and seek a social and problem-free environment.

- Fixers are dedicated and flexible, they take a structured approach in order to achieve their goals, whilst adapting easily to change in their environment.

- Motivators are sociable and flexible, they adapt easily to the natural course of events around them, while seeking variety and human interaction.

- Inventors are objective and flexible, they adapt easily to their environment, pursuing innovation in order to achieve their goals.

- Supporters are dependable and altruistic, they seek a risk-free environment, adapting easily to change and devoting themselves to the human aspect of events.

How your AVATAR profile can benefit you?

AVATAR provides insight into your personality. These insights in turn can be extremely beneficial in personal development because the results can help you get to know yourself better and provide a tool for capitalising on your greatest strengths and assets. AVATAR aids in understanding the impact of personality on behaviour and interactions with others, it gives a detailed exploration of preferences, modes of action as well as natural tendencies.

AVATAR, an experience to share

In order to improve the experience and use of AVATAR, a friend sharing feature has been developed by Test & Go. By inviting a friend directly via their dashboard, it is now possible to compare their AVATAR profile with those of their friends or colleagues and learn more about their complementary personality traits.

Take the AVATAR assessment now by clicking here.

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