Scientific benefits of vision boards


A vision board can be an excellent tool to reach your goals by having a visual motivator around that encourages you to utilize the power of visualisation. It isn’t quite as simple as just looking at inspirational images you’ve selected however, and needs to be used correctly in order for the vision board to be helpful. 

Improving your imagination

Imagination is obviously an important step when it comes to vision boards. You have to have the capacity to imagine exactly the things you want to accomplish and reach, and then put those images or thoughts into actions and reality. Even better, this ‘exercise’ with imagination can help you develop yours, and there are multiple amazing benefits to having the capability of being imaginative. To name a few, imagination improves problem solving skills, improves social connections through having a higher capability for empathising and makes a person more resourceful. Discover your emotional quotient here.

Being imaginative can even improve a person’s memory through protecting them from neurodegenerative diseases. Neurologists found that being imaginative creates more neurons in one’s brain, and that person would be 73 percent less likely to develop dementia or other memory problems if they keep up this “training” of the brain.

Imagining things can actually protect your brain from disease, and it doesn’t even take too much effort or require you to be extremely creative and artistic to be imaginative. Imagination can help you become more creative if you let yourself be taken over by ideas that spring up from your imagination, but the health benefits are already more than enough to get imagining!

Helping you learn to visualise

Scientific research has proven that there is a link between visualisation and succeeding. When we visualise something, we stimulate the brain region that reacts when we actually perform an action. In a way of speaking, your brain connects the imaginary you performing an action with the actual you doing the ation. Ever heard the saying, “planned is already half done”? There might be more science to it than we would’ve thought…

The key in vision boards is of course to visualise yourself doing the steps it takes to succeed. If you have an image of a luxurious house on your vision board and you intend to become a home-owner, visualising yourself in the house isn’t enough. You need to visualise yourself working hard, saving up money, mabe applying for a loan or a mortgage and then being in that dream house. Visualising the steps needed for success, that lead up to the end goal, is a vital part of the process.

Power of positive thinking

Another very cool skill you can learn from creating, and then being inspired, by your vision board every day! Positive thinking isn’t something that comes naturally to most people, but you can train yourself to have a positive reaction to things instead of negative thought. Our brains are hardwired to embrace negativity quicker as it’s built on a survival instinct, but in the modern world these negative thoughts can do more harm than good. 

“When people feel happy, they tend to feel confident, optimistic and energetic and others find them likeable and sociable. Happy people are thus able to benefit from these perceptions.”

Lyubomirsky, 2005

Scientists have proven in multiple studies the power of positive thoughts. Lyubomirsky study explored the link between success, positivity and happiness and found that the people who think positively generate more success around them. It’s probably the resilience and perseverance a positive person has when they decide to not let anything phase them. 

Final tips

And as a final tip to you; positive thinking is extremely powerful and can bring you abundance, but it’ll only happen when it’s paired with positive actions. You need to commit to doing the work, because there is no shortcut to creating the life you want. All successful people have their struggle, they put the work in and that’s where amazing things happen.

However, not everyone knows what they aspire to. If you are having trouble building a life project in line with your aspirations and defining your goals, use Test & Go’s psychometric tools to get a clearer vision of your potential and sources of motivation.

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